Budgets Year By Year Comparison

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Prepared yearly, and approved by the assembly, the budget includes the Borough's annual spending plan. It is prepared in the begining of the year and is usually brought to the Assembly around April. The budget goes into effect at the begining of the Borough's Financial year, on July 1.

The budget is a plan, it represents what we expect to spend. Operational changes throughout the year, emergencies, and other event change how we actually spend money.  If you want to see that, you should see the CAFR. It details what is spent and follows the close of the yearly budget by about 6 months.

The proposed budget, and previous budgets back to 2007 may be downloaded on the Budget Page.

FY23 Managers Budget Presentation.pdfFY23 Managers Budget Presentation
FY 2022 Proposed Budget.pdfFY 2022 Proposed Budget
FY 2022 Proposed Budget- Compressed.pdfFY 2022 Proposed Budget- Compressed
FY 2022 Approved Budget.pdfFY 2022 Approved Budget
FY 2022 Approved Budget- Compressed.pdfFY 2022 Approved Budget- Compressed
FY 2021 Approved Budget.pdfFY 2021 Approved Budget
20210421 Followup Questions.pdf20210421 Followup Questions
FY23 Proposed Budget.pdfFY23 Proposed Budget
FY 2020 Approved Budget.pdfFY 2020 Approved Budget
FY 2019 Approved Budget.pdfFY 2019 Approved Budget
FY 2018 Approved Budget.pdfFY 2018 Approved Budget
FY 2017 Approved Budget.pdfFY 2017 Approved Budget
FY 2016 Approved Budget.pdfFY 2016 Approved Budget
FY 2015 Approved Budget.pdfFY 2015 Approved Budget
FY 2014 Approved Budget.pdfFY 2014 Approved Budget
FY 2013 Approved Budget.pdfFY 2013 Approved Budget
FY 2012 Approved Budget.pdfFY 2012 Approved Budget
FY 2011 Approved Budget.pdfFY 2011 Approved Budget
FY 2010 Approved Budget.pdfFY 2010 Approved Budget
FY 2009 Approved Budget.pdfFY 2009 Approved Budget
FY 2008 Approved Budget.pdfFY 2008 Approved Budget
FY 2007 Approved Budget.pdfFY 2007 Approved Budget
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