​A Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) is a set of financial statements comprising the financial report of a state, municipal or other governmental entity and is mandated by state and federal statute. It is compiled by accounting staff and audited by an external certified accounting firm.

The CAFR is the yin to the Budget's yang. Do you want to know how money was actually spent? It's here.

The Borough's CAFR is made available in January for the preceding fiscal year that ends on June 30. We provide CAFRs back to FY 2009, when we first started publishing them to the web.

FY2020 Citizens Financial Report.pdfFY2020 Citizens Financial Report
FY 2020 CAFR.pdfFY 2020 CAFR
FY 2019 Citizens' Financial Report.pdfFY 2019 Citizens' Financial Report
FY 2019 CAFR.pdfFY 2019 CAFR
FY 2018 CAFR.pdfFY 2018 CAFR
FY 2017 CAFR.pdfFY 2017 CAFR
FY 2016 CAFR.pdfFY 2016 CAFR
FY 2015 CAFR.pdfFY 2015 CAFR
FY 2014 CAFR.pdfFY 2014 CAFR
FY 2013 CAFR.pdfFY 2013 CAFR
FY 2012 CAFR.pdfFY 2012 CAFR
FY 2011 CAFR.pdfFY 2011 CAFR
FY 2010 CAFR.pdfFY 2010 CAFR
FY 2009 CAFR.pdfFY 2009 CAFR