​​​Budget Devel​​o​​​pment

On the Budget ​web page, we strive to put the numbers into context in the 600+ pages of the Borough budget. Pos​ted here are approved Borough budgets dating back to 2007 and CAFRs, also known as an audit, dating back to 2009.  

A one-hour video, separated into chapters of the items you​​ want to view, is posted here with the Mayor and Attorney conversationally discussing the parts of the budget. This video examines a past budget from 2015 and is merely an example of an anatomy of a budget. The numbers have changed. 

Budget communications between staff and Manager and Manager and Assembly & Mayor are posted here. The Borough may be the only municipality posting such internal communications and has been doing so for some five years.  Among the items each year, you will also find external publications such as all departments' pdf presentations and Manager presentations to the Assembly.

A good way to begin with a 30,000-foot view is to read the opening letter in budgets from the finance director and manager.

Financial​​​ Documents

Our goal is to communicate the Borough's financial information in a user-friendly manner.  Check back often as we include newly released finance reports and publications.

Budg​​​e​t Documents

The Borough budget is developed each year between December and the third week of April, when the Manager's Proposed Budget is presented to the Assembly.  Public hearings are held throughout the Borough prior to its adoption in May of each year.  Budget communications and Assembly packets related to budget deliberations can found under the communication section below.  For times and dates of Assembly budget deliberation, see the Public Meeting calendar.

FY 2020 Approved Budget
FY 2019 Approved Budget
FY 2018 Approved Budget
FY 2017 Approved Budget
FY 2016 Approved Budget
See All Available Budgets

Comprehensive Annual Financial​ Report (CAFR)​

The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) is a thorough and detailed presentation of the Borough's financial condition.  It reports on the Borough's activities and balances for each fiscal year.​

FY 2019 Citizens' Financial Report
FY 2019 CAFR
FY 2018 CAFR
FY 2017 CAFR
FY 2016 CAFR
See All Available CAFRs


Assembly-Staff Budget Communication

This section houses all Assembly-Staff communication that are used in deliberation.

Budget Amendment Packets 1-3 as Adopted.pdfBudget Amendment Packets 1-3 as Adopted
Budget Amendment Packet No. 3.pdfBudget Amendment Packet No. 3
Budget Amendment Packet No. 2.pdfBudget Amendment Packet No. 2
Memo re FY2020 Budget Amendments 2019-05-23.pdfMemo re FY2020 Budget Amendments 2019-05-23
051619 - Budget Amendment Packet.pdf051619 - Budget Amendment Packet
FY 2018 - Popular Annual Financial Report.pdfFY 2018 - Popular Annual Financial Report

Budget Presentations

These are the budget presentation that have been given to the Assembly in Open Session.

MSB DEPT Public Works FY20.pdfMSB DEPT Public Works FY204/18/2019 8:56 AM
MSB DEPT Port FY20.pdfMSB DEPT Port FY204/18/2019 8:56 AM
MSB DEPT IT FY20.pdfMSB DEPT IT FY204/18/2019 8:56 AM
MSB DEPT Planning FY20.pdfMSB DEPT Planning FY204/18/2019 8:56 AM
MSB DEPT Finance  FY20.pdfMSB DEPT Finance FY204/18/2019 8:56 AM
MSB DEPT Community Development FY20.pdfMSB DEPT Community Development FY204/18/2019 8:56 AM
MSB DEPT DES FY 20.pdfMSB DEPT DES FY 204/18/2019 8:56 AM
MSB DEPT Capital Projects FY20.pdfMSB DEPT Capital Projects FY204/18/2019 8:56 AM
MSB DEPT Animal Care FY20.pdfMSB DEPT Animal Care FY204/18/2019 8:56 AM

Budget 101 Video

Listen to the engaging conversation of Borough Attorney Nick Spiropoulos and Assembly Member Vern Halter on what makes up the Borough's budget.


This video is designed to give citizens a starting point on a very complex subject. The hour-long presentation is broken up into short 1-3 minute segments that you can scroll or skip through via text subject markers.

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