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Mat-Su eCommerce Online

Welcome to Mat-Su eCommerce Online

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Our payment system requires a user account before you can buy items, or apply for licenses or permits.


If this is your first time, you will need to create an account.

The Borough is moving to a new ecommerce platform. During this period of transition, we have multiple systems to make payments online. On the new ecommerce system, there is no convenience fee, except for tax payments. It is still assessed against payments made with the old system.
We're starting slow, the first service we're offering is Business Licenses. You can get new business licenses and renew old ones right here. We are working on a roadmap for other online services. This will take a while as each service we offer is being reworked to make it efficient across the Borough, not just with online processing. A roadmap to service replacement will be made available soon.

Mat-Su eCommerce Online


Existing Online Payment Services

Existing online payment options, using Point & Pay will be phased out as we build replacements. Until then, you can access them from the list below.


When paying online with Point and Pay, a convenience fee  of 2.95% for taxes, and $3 per hundred (or any portion of a hundred) for other transactions is assessed.


* If your tax or LID account is in foreclosure status, payments cannot be made online, as only certified funds or cash can be accepted on these accounts. *